Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different quotas fixed by the Government for appointment of posts to be filled through initial recruitment? Top

The Punjab Government through different notifications has fixed the following quotas in vacancies to be filled through initial recruitment:

  1. 15% for Women (not applicable in case of PPSC)
  2. 3% for Disabled
  3. 5% for Minorities
  4. 20% against posts (BS-1 to 4) for the children of in-service or retired government servants
Whether the posts reserved against these quotas carry forward or not? Top

Only disable and minority quotas will be carried forward.

Has the Government imposed ban on recruitment? Top

Yes! The Government of the Punjab has imposed ban on recruitment against the posts in BS-5 and above. However, there is no ban for posts in BS-1 to 4 and posts related to the project/companies.

What is the current mode of appointment, whether Contract or Regular? Top

The existing mode of appointment is on contract basis. However, in case of some posts of peculiar nature, recruitment on regular basis can be made with the approval of competent authority.

Are the contract employees civil servants? Top
No! Persons appointed on contract basis are not civil servants, because they are not governed under the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 and rules made their under.  
Whether the contract service is pensionable? Top
The contract service is non-pensionable.  
Do the Government give job to the legal heir of a civil servant in case of death during service? Top
Yes! One of the un-employed children or widow/widower may be employed in accordance with the Rule 17-A of Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974.  
If a civil servant is invalidated, the benefit of Rule 17-A of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 can be extended to his family? Top
Yes, if he is invalidated/incapacitated in category A or B.  
What is maximum period of deputation? Top
Under Rule 15 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974, maximum period of deputation at a time is three years.  
How much time is required for initiation of Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs)? Top
Three months period is prescribed for initiation of PERs.